About Empire State Cardboard Paper Recycling Corp.

Empire State Cardboard Paper Recycling Corp. is a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) that receives, sorts and recycles tens of thousands of tons of waste material each year. As one of the largest MRF’s in New York City, we are proud to be family owned and operated. With our facility located in Maspeth, Queens, we are easily accessible within minutes from the Long Island Expressway or the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Empire State Cardboard Paper Recycling is committed to achieving the highest material recovery rates attainable in an effort to divert unnecessary waste being disposed of in landfills. At times, we ship the recycled material half way across the globe to reach facilities that can recycle what many believe to be “waste” into a product that is used daily by most Americans. We are constantly updating the machinery and sorting technologies in an ongoing effort to reduce the carbon footprint created within our environment.

Our Team of Experts

Myrna Crespo

Myrna Crespo joined the team in 1992. She is in charge of recycled commodities sales and negotiations, facility logistics, and general operations.

Carlos Taza

Carlos Taza Chungata joined the team in 2002. He is the facility supervisor and he is in control of the recycling operations.